Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend in L.A.... I haven't been to the city in years so it was nice to finally be able to visit (without my parents) and explore the parts of the city I was actually interested in. It was definitely a nice insight since I've always considered moving there after graduation - I'm not more open to that idea after my visit this past weekend. 

First stop was Bates Motel. This was actually my outfit from the night before but we drove straight through the night, leaving the Bay at 2AM and arriving in L.A. at 7AM. Black pajama-like pants (Still not sure how to describe them) that were comfortable enough for the long drive, my favorite textured white top that I took from my mom's closet, and my black and white printed kimono. I didn't have room to pack that many shoes, so I only brought one pair. My (current favorite) black platform sandals that I got on sale at Cathy Jean. They're super comfortable and go well with almost anything!
After we settled down, I changed into an all black ensemble that I was extremely excited about. This look was inspired by my trip to London with an extra-large black tee from the men's section at H&M and a pair of black knee-high socks. Unfortunately, L.A.'s warm and sunny weather does not go well with my love for all black outfits. 
I love visiting museums and I love when my friends are also interested as well. Found this wall at the Long Beach Museum of Art and needless to say, there was a lot of time spent at this wall. A simple outfit but my favorite part was my new black cap that I got from Cotton On. I've been wanting a baseball cap and I like how this is from the girls section so it fits better on my head.
Last day in L.A.! Luckily I got to meet up with one of my best friends from Davis! Kept things simple with a black tee that I tied up and some striped high-waisted shorts. My black cap makes another appearance because I am currently obsessed with it!

A weekend full of coffee, good food, photographs, meeting new people, and catching up with old friends. The one thing I love about L.A. is how everyone dresses up there. Yes, this might add to the superficial stereotype that L.A. is more concerned about looks than anything else, but for someone like me, who loves to dress up, I finally felt like I fit in.

Los Angeles, I'll be back soon...

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