Saturday, February 14, 2015

 My outfit for Valentine's Day. For the past few years I would always wear an all black outfit for Valentine's Day but this year was different. I love my top which is form Forever 21 The romantic dark red colors with the black lace and the delicate straps paired perfectly with my sheer maxi skirt from H&M. I love the sheer layer of the maxi skirt because it revealed a tight mini skirt underneath (oooo, sexy!) and also protected my legs from the cold(well sorta..)! I felt like this outfit would be perfect for a romantic dinner date in the city, well that's how I envisioned it haha.

 Although I didn't have a date, I was still excited to see what my taken friends were doing and receiving for Valentine's Day. I hope everyone was happy today! Valentine's day is all about love, not just the love between a significant other, but love for family, friends, and everyone around you!

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